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 Ý tưởng là la lá la (lạ)

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Ý tưởng là la lá la (lạ)   1/10/2009, 1:52 am

The Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle with a Chevrolet Aveo heart belongs to another world

Mike Vetter and his Florida-based company, 'The Car Factory' have come
up with this rather strange and alien like customized car called the
Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle or EVT. It looks like it's right off the set
of a sci-fi movie. Under this futuristic looking car, there lies the
heart of a normal little Chevrolet Aveo. However, if you don't want an
Aveo, you can also opt for a Porsche Boxster donor car. I don't want to
think that anyone would want to strip down their Porsche to make it
look like it's from Star Trek, but people have weird ideas. The EVT is
perfect for geeks who can afford it. It's available on eBay at the
moment for $86,000 and mind you, this is with the Aveo. More...

by kim, posted June 19, 2009 - 7:25 AM in
Transport | Comments (0)

Ladder styled book shelf

Remember in the olden days they used to use these wooden ladders?
However week it looked, it was really effective. Now that concept was
used by Belgian designer Casimir Meubelen who presented the new series
of storage furniture Ladder N1. It is like a movable stairway cum an
immovable shelving unit. It is the combination of two saving space and
money. It comes in various shapes and sizes and will give you that
rugged theme that you might be crazy about.

by shilpa, posted June 19, 2009 - 2:44 AM in
Furniture | Comments (0)

Big Giant Chaos Table for your home

is a fun table. It uses the mechanics of wood and steel. When you first
see it, it is any normal round table. Then, you can pull from two sides
to extend it further into a 3.7m long elliptical table. The physics is
pretty simple. If you don’t want an ellipse, then you can remove the
table leaves from top and rearrange it to form an oval shape. You can
even have different patterns using your imagination and the table
leaves. It uses Douglas fir, steel, and wheels. More...

by shilpa, posted June 19, 2009 - 2:23 AM in
Furniture | Comments (0)

Room Room: A novel creation for disaster prone regions by encore heureux + G studio

‘Room Room’ is an ingenious creation which has been conceived and
developed by encore heureux + G studio. This project was created for
the recent Crossing: dialogues for emergency architecture exhibition
held at NAMOC (national art museum of china). The exhibition marked the
first anniversary of the Wenchaun earthquake and was held to raise
awareness of disaster affected areas, disaster prevention and
mitigation. The Room Room was the most unique project at this
exhibition which was organized by the United Nations development
program and the Ministry of culture of China. This concept vehicle is
designed for disaster prone areas and emergency situations. It is a
multipurpose vehicle like a carriage that has storage space which can
be used as a home as well. The Room Room is definitely useful in
emergency situations like natural disasters where many are left without
a roof over their head. The portability factor also is an added
advantage of the Room Room. More...

by Namrata, posted June 18, 2009 - 3:23 AM in
Lifestyle | Comments (0)

Broom and dustpan set with multi options

Even brooms and dustpans can look very appealing if they are colored
and shaped interestingly. Thus is the message proven here. This is
Torel, a stylish broom and dustpan set. On one side is the long brush
and on the other side it’s just a cone shaped furnishing. No one would
know what it is until they make the effort to turn it around. The broom
moves at a 180 degree angle that helps in easy sweeping. The other cool
thing about this set is that, alongside its normal bristle broom end,
it also comes with a detachable rubber end. Cool no? More...

by shilpa, posted June 17, 2009 - 9:30 AM in
Kitchen | Comments (0)

Washbasin loud speakers to convey message on saving water

This is a cool design. The designer, Alejandro Gonzalez Novoa, came up
with the idea of these speakers that look like wash basins to convey
the message of water conservation. He says don’t waste even a drop.
There is a tap on top of each speaker and the sound that comes out is
dedicated to the type of water wastage. One side, the sound is like
that of gushing water and on the other side it is the sound of endless
drops falling on a sink or pavement or surface. This is for people to
realize how each can be a bad thing if it remains continuous and
through this installation he is probably planning to instill that
irritation whereby if ever they hear such sounds, they can stop it by
shutting it tight. It’s a smart idea and green too.

by shilpa, posted June 17, 2009 - 9:26 AM in
Fittings | Comments (0)

Monroe’s 8125 calculator brings back the throwaway calculators

think all of us underestimate the calculator. We just use it and forget
about it. But the latest calculator model known as 8125 designed by
Josh Owen Studios for the calculator company Monroe is sure to make a
lasting impression. The 8125 is an update to an established technology
and is meant to be considered as a modern heirloom. The new 8125 has a
reduced desktop footprint of 30% with improved usability and is
inspired by the concept of throwaway calculators. The bag packaging the
8125 is reusable, and Monroe even asks every buyer to pack their old
calculator in the new calculator's box and return it to them for proper
disposal. More...

by Namrata, posted June 17, 2009 - 6:04 AM in
Gadgets | Comments (0)

Trendy and contemporary Hai Speed bench by Phillip Grass

Innovative and stylish pieces to place your rear end are always
welcome. Here is a very trendy and contemporary bench that is called
Hai Speed. It's designed by Phillip Grass and to explain the name, hai
means shark in German. Shark and speed are the visual qualities
intended to show in the design. The materials used here are wood,
bamboo fiber and epoxy resin. The blue looks brilliant. This bench will
be at home in a trendy environment.

by kim, posted June 17, 2009 - 4:58 AM in
Furniture | Comments (0)

Car that runs on compresses air-powered engine

energy is more in trend now than Paris Hilton’s wardrobe. After all the
solar power grabbing, now inventors are turning towards the air. Yeah,
there is this Air Pod vehicle that will run with air-powered engine.
What happens is the air car can be plugged into a wall allowing an
on-board compressor to pressurize the car’s air tank to 4,500 pounds
per square inch. Then after four hours, this pressure can be used by
slowly releasing it to power the pistons. In that time, the car’s
5.5-kilowatt compressor would eat up 22 kilowatt-hours of electricity
to travel 20 miles. Doesn’t it sound oddly like a certain system in the
human body? Basic biology! Anyway, so the car is really cool as it only
gives out fresh air from the almost frozen exhaust pipe. But you cant
have it all, the speed is quite low up to only 35 miles per hour. More...

by shilpa, posted June 17, 2009 - 2:21 AM in
Transport | Comments (0)

'Office in the Woods' by Spain's Selgascano is a work place in tune with nature

Nobody wants to be cramped in like sardines in a tin, but usually
that's how office buildings are packed in business districts. However,
if you are from Spain's architecture firm Selgascano, you get to design
and work in the most awesome office I've ever seen. It's called 'Office
in the Woods' and it is designed by Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano of the
company. It's an amazing and innovative design that is a one long,
tunnel-like office covered by a curved transparent acrylic window
that's 20 millimeters thick. More...

by kim, posted June 16, 2009 - 7:17 AM in
Building | Comments (0)

W-Plate: The best tray to serve appetizers

The biggest problem I usually face when it comes to serving appetizers
is that by the end of the first round all the items on the plate tend
to get mixed. And the organized plate ends up looking like one big
mess. But the W-plate seems like the perfect solution to my problems.
Designed by Alessandro Loschiavo for Aliantedizioni, this stainless
steel serving plate makes sure that guests pick up what they need
without ruining or touching the other items on the plate. The unique
structure of the plate of a succession of inclined planes, allows one
to select a partly upward-projecting tartine, without touching the
other ones. This helps avoid mixing of different foods and also saves
you the hassle of constantly re-arranging the appetizers. Definitely a
useful creation, the satin colored W-plate is a must buy for all.

by Namrata, posted June 16, 2009 - 7:14 AM in
Kitchen | Comments (0)

‘El compadr’ beach chairs by Hector Galvin redefine portable furniture

personally love it when designers create products out of recycled
materials. Not only does it show their concern for the planet it also
displays their talent and skill. And that is why I have fallen in love
with the useful and extremely amazing ‘El compadr’ beach chairs
designed by Hector Galvan of Mexico based studio Omelette. Made from
recycled, dehydrated wood and epoxy paint, these unique chairs are
definitely a class apart. Just fix these unique Backrests into the sand
and you are all set to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. These unique
chairs weigh just 2kg and come in pairs. Definitely the most minimal
line of furniture to be ever designed, these simple chairs have
redefined the term ‘portable’. More...

by Namrata, posted June 16, 2009 - 7:11 AM in
Furniture | Comments (0)

Animal hide tile collections

Yay! The furnishing topic again. This one is actually really cool. It
is the Croco series of tile collection. As the name goes it is the
crocodile hide styles tile collection designed by MaTouche for Hastings
Tile and Bath. Not just crocodiles, also ostriches, elephants and other
animals are used for inspiration for this design. The color
combinations are also pretty attractive and are available in ivory,
brown, black and gold. You can have like an Amazon theme or a forest
and earthen effect if you are one of those filthy rich types and have a
lot of money to monkey around with. Really nice. More...

by shilpa, posted June 15, 2009 - 8:23 AM in
Lifestyle | Comments (0)

Ear phones like PC speakers

These are speakers. Interesting concept. They look like the ear pieces
of the ear phones. White in color and the speaker part is like one of
those examples of blotched ink that psychiatrists use. But more
clearly, they look like uneven polka dots. This was designed by 24-year
old industrial designer Bruno Marques who lives in Portugal. It also
makes a nice and funky piece of furniture.

by shilpa, posted June 15, 2009 - 8:17 AM in
Gadgets | Comments (0)

Moby concept vehicle cuts down on storage space with an adjustable rear

'Moby' is a concept by WooJin Chung which is an electricity powered
vehicle. It is based on the idea to decrease the volume of the vehicle
so that it is convenient in small alleys and for storage. The
innovative part about this is that it separates into two to make it
even more smaller. It displaces its back part with a docking system,
which can be altered by different types of optional parts like a high
capacity battery or another passenger seat. If you compare it to
standard four wheelers, it takes up half their size in parking lots. It
feels more like riding a motorcycle than driving a car however. It has
big circular entrances that allow more convenient and flexible use of
the seating area rather than doors. The name Moby is because the
vehicle resemble Moby Dick, the whale. More...
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