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 3DS Max Collection Pack 1+2 (13 DVD)_Hàng hiếm

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: 3DS Max Collection Pack 1+2 (13 DVD)_Hàng hiếm   25/9/2009, 11:25 pm

3DS Max Collection Pack 1+2 (13 DVD)_Hàng cực hiếm

  • 01 - Global Illumination: Exteriors,
  • 02 - Global Illumination: Interiors,
  • 03 - Environment Creation for Production,
  • 04 - Environment Lighting for Production,
  • 05 - Character Modeling for Production,
  • 06 - Character Texturing for Production,
  • 07 - Creature Modeling for Production,
  • 08 - Creature Detailing for Production,
  • 09 - Character Texturing and Rendering for Production,
  • 10 - Matte Painting Production Technique

01 - Global Illumination: Exteriors


In this lecture on the subject of Global Illumination lighting
techniques, Christopher Nichols discusses the subject of exterior
lighting. This DVD covers a general introduction to the principles of
Global Illumination, which are essential to the understanding of this
specialized form of lighting. While the series primarily uses V-Ray as
the render engine in a 3ds Max environment, those using other GI
renderers will also benefit from the conceptual techniques described.
From the general concepts of reflected specular and diffuse light, to
sky lights and image based lighting with HDRIs, Christopher shows how
to light scenes using real world lighting in a fully reflective
environment. He also demonstrates how to tackle the issues of animation
by finding the most optimal way to bake lighting for exterior sets.
This series is geared toward the CG artist that already has an
intermediate understanding of direct lighting and is making the
transition to GI lighting.
Over 3 hours of lecture.
Product Code: CNI01

Code: 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part02.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part03.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part04.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part05.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part06.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part07.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part08.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part09.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part10.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part11.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part12.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part13.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part14.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part15.rar 01_Global.Illumination_Exteriors.part16.rar

02 - Global Illumination: Interiors


Continuing from his first DVD, Global Illumination: Exteriors,
Christopher Nichols explains how interior global illumination differs
from exterior GI. Christopher focuses on the concept of digital sets
and explores issues of interior lighting for GI, including the variety
of light sources that can be used, as well as how space plays an
important role in lighting. Christopher demonstrates the differences
between regular light sources, environment light, IES lighting, area
lights, and even how geometry and shaders can affect the lighting of a
scene. Additionally, since bouncing light plays an important role in
interior GI, this lecture looks at some special techniques such as
using V-Ray’s photon mapping and light cache. Christopher also explores
the idea of baking lighting into textures, which is a useful technique
for some situations. With Global Illumination: Interiors, you will see
the rendering of an interior space in a whole new light.
Over 3 hours of lecture.
Product Code: CNI02

Code: 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part02.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part03.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part04.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part05.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part06.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part07.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part08.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part09.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part10.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part11.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part12.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part13.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part14.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part15.rar 02_Global.Illumination_Interiors.part16.rar

03 - Environment Creation for Production


In this DVD, Tim takes you through the entire process of creating an
environment with 3ds Max starting with the analysis of reference
photographs and determining real world object dimensions, all the way
through the 3D modeling and texturing pipeline. Tim will teach you how
to spot the visual cues that will allow you to quickly and accurately
determine dimensions from set photographs. You will also learn how to
build quick layout files for modeling and animation and how to model
and texture an entire environment from photographic reference. Many
artistic and technical challenges are addressed such as understanding
perspective, modeling architecture, tile roofs, stone pathways as well
as decay and general destruction.
Over 2 1/2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: TJO01

Code: 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part02.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part03.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part04.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part05.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part06.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part07.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part08.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part09.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part10.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part11.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part12.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part13.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part14.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part15.rar 03_Environment.Creation.for.Production.part16.rar

04 - Environment Lighting for Production


In this DVD, after setting up various production lighting rigs, Tim
discusses the pros and cons of each solution. You will learn when to
use one type of rig over another based on the goals of the project, as
well as how to deal with the challenges that different scene elements
create for your lighting setups. Tim will also show you how to render
passes out of 3ds Max, composite them using Digital Fusion and set up
your lighting in real-time using floating point image formats. Finally,
you will learn how to set up a scene for multiple lighting scenarios
including day, sunset and night shots.
Over 2 1/2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: TJO02

Code: 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part02.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part03.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part04.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part05.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part06.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part07.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part08.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part09.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part10.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part11.rar 04_Environment.Lighting.for.Production.part12.rar

05 - Character Modeling for Production


In this DVD, Ian shows you the tools and techniques he uses to quickly
create a full character model in 3ds Max, leading you through the basic
character production pipeline used at Blur Studio. He takes you through
the process of building clean geometry using Max's built-in toolset as
well as using the PolyBoost plugin. Ian shows how to easily enhance
objects with ZBrush, and how to quickly find the form and detail of
your character. From there he demonstrates how to bring the geometry
back into Max to make it animation friendly by retopologizing. After
the model is finished, Ian covers how to set up hair using Hair FX as
well as how to set up lights, cameras and a simple rig using Biped to
pose and render the character. Finally, using Adobe Photoshop®️, Ian
discusses how to present the character in a professional manner. This
DVD is intended for artists with a basic under- standing of polygon
modeling in Max, but is useful to anyone regardless of skill level or
software. In this DVD Ian uses: Max, PolyBoost, ZBrush, BodyPaint and
Over 7 1/2 hours of Lecture
Product Code: IJO01

Code: 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part02.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part03.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part04.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part05.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part06.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part07.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part08.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part09.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part10.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part11.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part12.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part13.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part14.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part15.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part16.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part17.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part18.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part19.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part20.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part21.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part22.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part23.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part24.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part25.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part26.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part27.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part28.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part29.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part30.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part31.rar 05_Character.Modeling.for.Production.part32.rar

06 - Character Texturing for Production


In this DVD, Ian textures and completes the game cinematic character he
modeled in Character Modeling for Production. In this lecture, he shows
different techniques to UV map objects of various complexities quickly
and efficiently using 3ds Max's UV tools and DeepUV. Ian covers both
hand-painted and image-based methods to create textures for the
character. From there he uses various ZBrush plugins to both block-in
and finalize textures and he uses BodyPaint to fix seams and to begin
new textures. Ian demonstrates a variety of other techniques
incorporated in the Max>ZBrush>BodyPaint pipeline and shows you
how to enhance the hair created in his first DVD, and take it to a more
finalized level. Finally, Ian shows how you can reuse your rigs from
character to character using Biped, and how to use Adobe Photoshop®️ to
add an extra level of professionalism to your final models before
submitting them to a client. In this DVD Ian uses: Max, DeepUV,
PolyBoost, ZBrush, ZappLink, Zmapper, BodyPaint and Photoshop®️
Over 4 1/2 hours of Lecture
Product Code: IJO02

Code: 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part02.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part03.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part04.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part05.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part06.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part07.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part08.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part09.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part10.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part11.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part12.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part13.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part14.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part15.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part16.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part17.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part18.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part19.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part20.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part21.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part22.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part23.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part24.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part25.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part26.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part27.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part28.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part29.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part30.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part31.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part32.rar 06_Character.Texturing.for.Production.part33.rar

07 - Creature Modeling for Production


In this DVD, Laurent reveals his process for creating a high resolution
creature, designed by Carlos Huante, for the video-game cinematic
production pipeline. The pipeline presents many challenges such as
working with short deadlines, achieving a clean topology and being able
to interpret a 34 view concept into a complex and detailed 3D model.
This DVD will cover the creature modeling from low-poly modeling to
high-poly detailing using 3ds Max and ZBrush. Topics include Max's
basic polygon tools, creating the base volumes and proportions,
cleaning up topology, reshaping in ZBrush, and lighting and rendering a
sample still with Brazil for presentation to clients and supervisors.
3 hours of lecture.
Product Code: LPI01

Code: 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part02.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part03.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part04.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part05.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part06.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part07.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part08.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part09.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part10.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part11.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part12.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part13.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part14.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part15.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part16.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part17.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part18.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part19.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part20.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part21.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part22.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part23.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part24.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part25.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part26.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part27.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part28.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part29.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part30.rar 07_Creature.Modeling.for.Production.part31.rar

08 - Creature Detailing for Production


In this DVD, Laurent shares his techniques for detailing and refining
the model he started in Creature Modeling for Production. Using 3ds
Max, Deep UV and ZBrush, Laurent demonstrates the pipeline he uses
every day at Blur Studio to add final details to a high-poly model
based on a Carlos Huante design. He discusses how to achieve clean UVs
with Deep UV, and how he adjusts volume proportions in ZBrush. He also
shows how to create alpha maps in Photoshop®️ and use them in ZBrush to
easily add surface details such as veins, bumps and other skin
textures. Finally, Laurent shows how to export normal maps from ZBrush
using the ZMapper plug-in and how to use the normal maps and cavity
maps in Max for a sample render with Brazil.
2 1/2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: LPI02

Code: 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part02.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part03.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part04.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part05.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part06.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part07.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part08.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part09.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part10.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part11.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part12.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part13.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part14.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part15.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part16.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part17.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part18.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part19.rar 08_Creature.Detailing.for.Production.part20.rar

09 - Character Texturing and Rendering for Production

The Gnomon Workshop - 3DS Max Collection Pack 1


In this DVD, Laurent reveals his techniques for creating the textures
and shaders for the final stage of the creature modeling and texturing
pipeline. Laurent shows how to create texture maps from scratch using a
small library of different concrete and plaster textures. Using
BodyPaint, he takes the cavity map from ZBrush and uses it as a guide
to create the other maps for the creature. Laurent demonstrates how he
experiments with one area of the body and then brings it to a near
final stage before duplicating the maps and shaders for the rest of the
creature using Photoshop®️ and Max. He then shows how to use BodyPaint
to paint over the seams and finalize the textures. Finally, Laurent
renders out separate passes and composites them together in Digital
Fusion, discussing how this process allows better control of the final
image and enables him to test the shaders for scene assembly and
About 2 1/2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: LPI03

Code: 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part02.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part03.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part04.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part05.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part06.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part07.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part08.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part09.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part10.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part11.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part12.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part13.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part14.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part15.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part16.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part17.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part18.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part19.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part20.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part21.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part22.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part23.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part24.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part25.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part26.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part27.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part28.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part29.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part30.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part31.rar 09_Character.Texturing.and.Rendering_for.Production.part32.rar

10 - Matte Painting Production Techniques


In this DVD, Chris Stoski demonstrates his techniques for creating a
complex matte painting. He illustrates how a matte artist utilizes 3D
modeling, texturing, lighting, photographic reference materials and
digital painting to complete a beautiful and efficient matte painting.
Throughout the lecture he describes his techniques and relates his
experiences designing shots for feature films and executing them as
final matte paintings. From painting and image manipulation in Adobe
Photoshop®️ to 3D particle-system waterfalls and animated vegetation
blowing in the wind, this DVD offers a complete spectrum of knowledge
for the beginner to intermediate matte painter.
Over 4 1/2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: CST01

Code: 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part02.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part03.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part04.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part05.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part06.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part07.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part08.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part09.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part10.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part11.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part12.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part13.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part14.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part15.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part16.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part17.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part18.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part19.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part20.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part21.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part22.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part23.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part24.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part25.rar 10_Matte.Painting.Production.Techniques.part26.rar

11 - 3D Matte Painting and Camera Mapping


In this second DVD in a series, Chris Stoski illustrates the creation
of several 3D matte paintings. In the visual effects industry,
directors are always asking for moving cameras in matte paintings and
Chris shows how this is achieved. He creates two different environments
and discusses how a matte painter creates camera movement in these key
scenarios. In addition to Adobe Photoshop®️, Chris uses Autodesk 3ds
Max, but the techniques can be implemented with other popular 3D
software as well. From forward-moving dolly shots to lateral helicopter
aerials, Chris covers the essentials of 3D and 2.5D matte painting for
matte artists of all skill levels.
Over 2 1/2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: CST02

Code: 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part02.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part03.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part04.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part05.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part06.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part07.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part08.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part09.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part10.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part11.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part12.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part13.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part14.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part15.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part16.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part17.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part18.rar 11_3D.Matte.Painting.and.Camera.Mapping.part19.rar

12 - Set Extension and Lighting Effects


In today’s feature film industry, productions are in constant need of
digital set extensions. On this third DVD in a series, Chris Stoski
shows how digital set extensions are achieved. The lecture uses two
examples to demonstrate matching simple and complex lighting in the
plate photography, dealing with difficult lighting changes, matching
the camera angle of the plate with 3D software, and adding camera
movement in a compositing environment. The lecture results in the
creation of two beautiful moving shots. In addition to Adobe
Photoshop®️, Chris uses Autodesk 3ds Max and Apple Shake to create these
examples, but the techniques can be implemented with other popular 3D
and compositing software as well. This DVD is designed for all skill
3 hours of lecture.
Product Code: CST03

Code: 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part02.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part03.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part04.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part05.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part06.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part07.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part08.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part09.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part10.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part11.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part12.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part13.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part14.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part15.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part16.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part17.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part18.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part19.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part20.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part21.rar 12_Set.Extension.and.Lighting.Effects.part22.rar

13 - Fluid Simulation with Glu3D


In this DVD, Cetin Tuker demonstrates the basic parameters of Glu3D in
3ds Max including the Glu3D main node, particle source, object manager
and per object parameters. Cetin also walks you through a production
quality fluid simulation animation project, starting from the
storyboards. Modeling the objects in Max, scene setup and animation
alternatives using the PWrapper function of Glu3D with the particle
flow of Max, filling closed volumes with Glu3D particles and designing
a fluid explosion are all thoroughly discussed. By watching this DVD
you will see the entire production process for a fluid based commercial
2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: CTU01

Code: 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part02.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part03.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part04.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part05.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part06.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part07.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part08.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part09.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part10.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part11.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part12.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part13.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part14.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part15.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part16.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part17.rar 13_Fluid.Simulation.with.Glu3D.part18.rar
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3DS Max Collection Pack 1+2 (13 DVD)_Hàng hiếm
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